Sunday, 15 February 2015

Commit to your life!

If you are always choosing to do somethings with the idea that if it doesn't work out you can always leave then you are living life & your relationships with 'your back door open'. How much of that is really working out for you?

What if you were to do something different and instead choose everything you do with total commitment. What do you think would change if you were to be truly committed to your life? You would have more ease, joy, magic, awareness, possibilities ...... and you would notice that everything and everyone would choose commitment to you too. You would be able to create your life & your relationships beyond what you thought was possible.

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Most people are doing relationship whether they believe they are single or not because they will have some sort of conclusion about their relationship status ….. 'I'm in relationship, I'm not in relationship, I want to be in relationship or I don't want to be in relationship'. When you have any point of view like this then you always have to be judging what you are willing to give and receive from everyone around you in order to validate your conclusion and position and so you are still doing relationship even if you don't want to be in a relationship!! Whenever you do relationship whether you are in a relationship or not you can potentially get hurt, be rejected, be abandoned plus the whole roller coaster ride of emotions ….. because it's about your concluded 'position' in relationship with or without someone else and a 'position' is a judgement and a limitation and is always vulnerable as it has to rely of something or someone else to keep it in place.

What if you could be a 'space' that isn't in relationship with anyone else …. a space where you can simply show up as all of you and with no point of view about what your relationship status is so that you don't ever have to judge and defend your position for or against anyone else. Because when you function in this way relationship and all the crap that comes with relationships whether you are single or not seises to be significant or even exist and now you can be free to just 'BE' space …. you can be in total allowance of whatever shows up without a fear of rejection, getting hurt etc and everyone then simply becomes a possibility that you can either choose to enjoy, nurture and contribute too or not.