Friday, 23 January 2015

Committing To Your Living

I am wondering why people are not really choosing; why they are not choosing what they would really like to create? I personally know some amazing people who know what they want and they simply commit to doing whatever they need to do to have that show up for them … and it does …. with ease and joy! When they make a commitment they give it everything they've got, whatever it takes, 200+% and they don't choose it with a way out either …. because they know that this is what it takes to choose and create. And some of these amazing people are doing whatever it takes to show you and the rest of the world that it really is that easy to have anything.

So, all you others who really want to change something or to have something more show up .. but but but!! … are you now willing to listen in and step up?
Are you really truly willing to choose it, to do whatever it takes to step into it, to create it and to have it?
And are you ready to truly commit to having more of you, for you and would you be willing to let go of everything that stops that from showing up including all the judgments, the fear, the mistrusts, all the limitations, the what ifs, the buts and that back door!

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