Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Having a bad day?

Have you had a day recently like I had yesterday where nothing I did worked out for me the way I wanted it too? I had problems with everything I tried to do and it got more and more frustrating.

Why does this happen? When you have something show up that's unwanted it is very easy to go into the wrongness of that, of you, to judge it and make it significant. As our point of view and what we are making significant creates our reality then when we do this we start to create more of what we do not want which is frustrating and hard to get out of as it just seems to snowball. And of course in that place we are then not able to see anything else that's going on that may actually be working out.

So if you have a bad day like I had yesterday try asking yourself a question such as "what else is going on that is working for me that I am not seeing right now?" …. and it will actually show you something different that will help to change things for you.

Take a look at this video that explains more here.

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