Sunday, 2 November 2014

Creating magic.

Who can I be and what can I do that will create magic for me today?

When you acknowledge that you have the capacity to create anything then magic will start showing up. When you judge something as not possible or you judge how and where something shows up you create all sorts of limitations around what else is possible and magic no longer happens. Magic happens when you lower your limitations and judgements and then those things before that you didn't think were possible now 'just happen'. You are magic and you can be, do, have and create anything and everything!

Take a look at the this video.

Universe, show me something beautiful today.

I had to pop out into my garden earlier this wet and dingy morning & rather than rushing back in to stay dry and warm I stopped for just a few minutes when I noticed how incredibly beautiful everything is. All the leaves glistening with a wet film, the rain drops gently sliding off their resting places, the stillness, the autuminal colours of the various greens to browns, the hundreds of wispy cobwebs covering some of the bushes, the mistiness in the morning air …… it truly was so magical.

There really is beauty in everything and even in every situation and if you ask and choose to look at something differently then you will see it from a different perspective. Have a look at this video from Dr Dain Heer - Tour of Consciousness series - Try a different perspective

Try asking yourself this question and see what shows up ….
"Universe show me something beautiful today and what other perspective can I look from?"