Wednesday, 24 December 2014

What you resist, persists!

Have you heard the saying 'What you resist, persists'? This has been coming up a lot for me recently with the people I have been talking too and coaching but also in my own situation.

I am aware that resistance is the unwillingness to be and receive everything that is required. Whatever you do to 'resist' whether it be cutting yourself off from someone, running away from something, detaching, creating walls to hide behind, ignoring or refusing to look at or acknowledge something or someone ……. whatever it may be is all resistance and all of it creates SEPARATION from you & from who you truly be and separation never feels good… . And it will keep showing up and persisting in your reality because when you resist anything you are making what you are resisting more significant than you and significant enough for you to react too.

So what can you do instead? Well, you could just look the situation and the people involved head on with no walls and barriers and just be with it all in total allowance, with no judgement of you or them, in total acceptance and with no point of view and keep asking yourself a question such as 'what energy space and consciousness can I be to have total ease with all of this' and then see what space this creates for you as it lightens up ….. and if you still require something else to do then you could always just send out loads of yummy lovely healing energy until it all just disappears, is no longer significant or it changes into something you no longer need to resist!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

How much fun are you creating?

How much fun are you having?

How many people do you know are unhappy, miserable, frustrated and negative about themselves & their lives because they are just 'not having fun'? Maybe this could be you.
Fun is not something that just happens sometimes and for some people. It is a choice! It is what you chose to do and enjoy and by choosing to have more of it for YOU and with everything you do will create so much more ease and joy in every area of your life.
So how much fun will you choose to have today?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Creating magic.

Who can I be and what can I do that will create magic for me today?

When you acknowledge that you have the capacity to create anything then magic will start showing up. When you judge something as not possible or you judge how and where something shows up you create all sorts of limitations around what else is possible and magic no longer happens. Magic happens when you lower your limitations and judgements and then those things before that you didn't think were possible now 'just happen'. You are magic and you can be, do, have and create anything and everything!

Take a look at the this video.

Universe, show me something beautiful today.

I had to pop out into my garden earlier this wet and dingy morning & rather than rushing back in to stay dry and warm I stopped for just a few minutes when I noticed how incredibly beautiful everything is. All the leaves glistening with a wet film, the rain drops gently sliding off their resting places, the stillness, the autuminal colours of the various greens to browns, the hundreds of wispy cobwebs covering some of the bushes, the mistiness in the morning air …… it truly was so magical.

There really is beauty in everything and even in every situation and if you ask and choose to look at something differently then you will see it from a different perspective. Have a look at this video from Dr Dain Heer - Tour of Consciousness series - Try a different perspective

Try asking yourself this question and see what shows up ….
"Universe show me something beautiful today and what other perspective can I look from?"

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Having a bad day?

Have you had a day recently like I had yesterday where nothing I did worked out for me the way I wanted it too? I had problems with everything I tried to do and it got more and more frustrating.

Why does this happen? When you have something show up that's unwanted it is very easy to go into the wrongness of that, of you, to judge it and make it significant. As our point of view and what we are making significant creates our reality then when we do this we start to create more of what we do not want which is frustrating and hard to get out of as it just seems to snowball. And of course in that place we are then not able to see anything else that's going on that may actually be working out.

So if you have a bad day like I had yesterday try asking yourself a question such as "what else is going on that is working for me that I am not seeing right now?" …. and it will actually show you something different that will help to change things for you.

Take a look at this video that explains more here.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Allowance - 'What is right about this I'm not getting?'

I have had one of those really frustrating weeks where everything just seems to be hard work, rather slow and a little painful at times! A week where I could easily have slipped into the wrongness of me or where I could have become a little needy of validation and support and where quite honestly it would have been bloody marvellous to have had a few people buying into all my 'woe for me' stuff!! You know what I mean?

But …. I have been trying to work on allowance and have continuously been asking myself 'what is right about this I'm not getting?' rather than going into all that yucky stuff. And just by asking that one simple question has lightened everything up for me as it came up over this week and has made it all a whole load easier.

~ Allowance is where everything is just an interesting point of view and where nothing is judged. It is where you are willing to receive everyone and everything as it is without judging it as good, bad, right or wrong. Can you imagine how much ease you could create by being in allowance of everyone or everything? And can you imagine the infinite possibilities that can be created when you have people that come together that are in total allowance of each other?