Thursday, 4 February 2010


Meridian Energetics

Meridian Energetics is a new healing and wellness technique which works on an etheric body that contains the meridian system and also on the new 12 chakra system that is starting to open up to so many now. It is a technique that focuses on unblocking and balancing out the bodies own natural flow of energy.

Within our etheric body are a number of energy centres including 7 major, well documented chakras and 5 new chakras. These chakras together with the meridian system are the points on which a meridian energetic practitioner will tap in to.

The Meridian System - Unblocking & Balancing

There are a number of meridian points within our etheric body which create an unseen meridian system. Through this system flows what is known as 'Chi Energy' with is an invisible nutritive energy that supplies the whole body as well as the subtle bodies with 'life force'.

The act of breathing not only keeps the physical body alive but also helps to move this 'chi energy' smoothly around the physical and subtle bodies. A practitioner will tap into the meridian system and be able to sense any blockages which may prevent or cause a lack of energy flow throughout the bodies. These blockages usually occur and build up over a period of time due to negative energy caused by negative emotions stuck within the chakra system that the patient has not been able to deal with and clear. Because the 'Chi energy' flows between the physical and subtle bodies, eventually any blockages and lack of energy flow within this meridian system will inevitably lead to some sort of physical condition within the physical body.

Unblocking and therefore balancing out the meridians will help to restore the bodies natural energy flow throughout the entire system which not only will have a positive effect on any emotional and mental issues but eventually over a small period of time have a dramatic and lasting positive effect on any physical problems that may have been occurring as a result.