Monday, 28 September 2009

CD 'Pure' - Eternal Review

By: Sarah Connor

'I wasn't expecting this at all! I read the back of the CD cover and knew it was, as it says, 'The sound of a pure unaccompanied vocal to create and magnetise into your life your heart's desires'. I was half way through listening to the CD when I realised I thought I could hear musical instruments as well as vocals, but I couldn't. The vocal is so expressive that my imagination had created the instruments from the sound of Laura JW's voice. I was astounded.

Laura JW is a Reiki 1 & 2 intuitive healer. Her interest and knowledge in metaphysics led her to produce this CD for healing and mediation purposes. It's just over an hour long and has six tracks on it. Each of them, as the cover explains, are necessary to create the environment that's needed to attract your true desires; they are: Desire, Intention, Love, Clarity, Focus and Faith. Although the tracks are similar in content, the haunting and tingling sensations evoked are rewarding.

Laura JW's voice is beautiful : to be able to sing the way she does, with no instrumental accompaniment, shows considerable skill.

A rewarding and stimulating CD to focus your mind during meditation or as a motivating means to refresh your mind and clear a path as the musical vibrations are sent out.'