Wednesday, 5 August 2009

CD 'Pure'

The sound of pure vocal unaccompanied harmonics is a series of musical vibrations. When played, these vibrations are sent out as sound waves which will help to enhance an environment for creating and magnetising into your life your hearts desires. Use these tones to help focus your mind in meditation or simply just enjoy listening to the music as a tool for attracting and allowing into your life what it is you want.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

No More Moaning!

Having just spent a week with severally disabled and terminally ill people and getting to know them very personally I now realise the importance of being truly grateful everyday for everything I have and when I next complain about my trivial problem or moan because I feel broke I will remember them. 'Do not look at what you do not have and be negative about it but instead focus on what you do have and be very grateful and appreciate it'.

I discovered that some of those ill people I spent so much time getting to know last week, even those who had no health left had just something that they could hold on too to focus their thoughts on besides their daily reality and mostly it was the thoughts of what they could offer other people - compassion, love, hope, inspiration, humility and the list goes on...

I feel privileged to have been given an insight into some of their seemingly desperate lives and I thank them for showing me how important it is to be positive, grateful and compassionate.