Thursday, 23 July 2009



The Physical Body..

The physical body is very sensitive to energies connected to thought and feelings and as well as carrying out its normal functions, it finds ways to signal to us when we are out of balance emotionally, mentally and spiritually by showing us in a physical way.

This can happen because our body is composed of millions of cells broken down further into molecules and then atoms and these atoms are patterns of energy all vibrating at different rates. We are therefore beings made up of vibrating energy. If these cells that make up our physical body are not in balance then disease and illness can occur

Energy is conscious and therefore each energy pattern will be conscious whether it is a particle, a cell, an organ or a body and because of this consciousness they are able to respond to healing and the energies being directed to them in the form of thought (thought being conscious is therefore a form of energy). Therefore negative thought creates a negative effect on the physical in the same way that positive thoughts will create a positive effect such as well being and health.

The bodies of light – the subtle bodies

As well as the obvious physical body we are all made up of four more subtle bodies which can be sensed by some people.

The Etheric body
The etheric body is the first subtle body which surrounds all living things. Its structure allows us to absorb energies which are processed at the etheric level before being passed on into the physical body through structures called chakras. These are energy centres within the etheric body that help to store and process energy. They are designed to allow the flow of subtle energies into and out of the human energy field. There are hundreds of small centres but 7 major ones which are focused upon when healing and each deals with different issues.

The Astral Body
Emotions are processed at the astral level, which projects beyond the etheric.

The Mental body
The mental level projects beyond the astral and processes a range of mental energies including creative and intuitive thought.

The Soul body
Finally, the soul itself is enclosed within the body in order to go through the whole human experience and all experiences throughout all the levels are conveyed back to the soul, the real you through the network of consciousness.

Energies are passed through the series of bodies until they reach the etheric body. Any emotional or mental disturbance you have experienced in life and which aren’t dealt with will create blocks to this flow. This will then influence the energies of the physical body and have a direct effect on your heath.

Storing Negative energies

When unpleasant or disturbing things present themselves we try to avoid dealing with the issue in an attempt to minimize their impact upon us. This means that we do not fully process the energies involved and instead they are stored in the subtle bodies and especially in the charkas. Most of us are only aware of a change at the physical level and have no idea that this may be the symptom of a cause within the subtle bodies.

Ultimately, a chakra that becomes blocked will not be able to work properly so other charkas will attempt to compensate for this inactive or blocked centre. Additional strain is then produced elsewhere within the energy system which may then result in emotional or mental problems or a physical condition. Therefore, as chakras are the focal points for processing energies and are the key to restoring balance.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Perfect for meditation and relaxation this ethereal vocal music is to sooth away the stresses of the day. "Pure" is the debut album by Laura JW and this short extract is from track1, 'Desire'. The relaxing solo vocal creates a calming, tranquil atmosphere and the hypnotic vocal helps to create a deep state of meditation and relaxation.

Artist: Laura JW
Album: Pure
Song: 'Desire'
Genre: New Age
Release: 2009
Other tracks on this album: 1. Desire 2. Intention 3. Love 4. Clarity 5. Focus 6. Faith

The CD is available from:

The sound of pure vocal unaccompanied harmonics is a series of musical vibrations. When played, these vibrations are sent out as sound waves which will help to enhance an environment for creating and magnetising into your life your hearts desires. Use these tones to help focus your mind in meditation or simply just enjoy listening to the music as a tool for attracting and allowing into your life what it is you want. Laura JW